Start rolling as soon as you unfold, snap it into place. The compact foldability and magnetic quick-release design of the Osmo Mobile SE make it simple to bring along and use whenever inspiration strikes. The enhanced status panel makes it easy to toggle between gimbal modes. By utilizing a variety of smart capabilities, you can dynamically shoot and emphasize key moments, giving your captured images a unique artistic touch.

DJI Osmo Mobile SE feature Icons


DJI Osmo Mobile SE Magnetic Mount

The Osmo Mobile SE has a high-strength magnetic quick-release mount for your phone making mounting quick and easy making sure you are always ready to capture life's moments whenever needed. Perfect for shooting on-the-go. The Osmo Mobile SE automatically goes into standby mode when the phone is detached to prevent damage to the gimbal as well as to save power.

Compact Foldable Design

Compact Foldable design Osmo Mobile SE

Thanks to its compact folding form, the Osmo Mobile SE is easy to bring along. The folded dimensions of the Osmo Mobile SE are 163x99.5x46.5 mm, and it weighs only 390 grams. Standby Mode allows operators to use their mobile app even when the unit is folded, allowing for instantaneous shooting.

You're ready for anything, whether it's a touchdown that wins the game or a baby's first steps. Just clamp your phone to the gimbal, snap it on, and start shooting. The magnetic phone clamp and gimbal can be taken apart, so you can snap your phone in or out to call and tell someone about the exciting news.

3-Axis Stabilization

The Osmo Mobile SE's three-axis gimbal ensures a stable and steady picture. You can put more of your attention on capturing the moment because the architecture is lightweight and highly responsive.


High-Precision Brushless Motor

The compact high-torque brushless motor built into the Osmo Mobile SE enables the gimbal to compensate for big or heavy smartphones while still reacting to subtle movements.

DJI Osmo Mobile SE handheld

DJI Osmo Mobile SE Standby mode

Standby Mode

Got to answer the phone while you shoot? In order to safeguard the gimbal and prevent needless battery drain, the Osmo Mobile SE enters standby mode as soon as the phone is detached from the fast release mount. Simply reconnect your phone to the Osmo Mobile SE and hit the M button to resume.

One Handed Operation

The Osmo Mobile SE has convenient buttons and useful funtions that makes the Osmo Mobile SE incredibly easy to make videos while holding the Osmo Mobile SE with one hand. You can now move around more freely while capturing the right shot.

DJI Osmo Mobile SE one handed operation

Quick Roll Feature on DJI Osmo Mobile SE

Quick Roll

Shoot videos in portrait or landscape mode with just the touch of a button. Simply press the M button twice quickly to switch between the two orientations. The DJI Mimo app will automatically rotate all on-screen elements as well as the video as per phone orientation.


DJI Osmo Mobile SE ActiveTrack 5.0 mode


Active Track 5.0

Active Track 5.0 is the perfect accompaniment to a dizzying ballet spin or a hyperactive pet. Your gimbal's tracking stability has been much improved thanks to a revamped algorithm that allows it to maintain the camera's focus from greater distances. If the subject is temporarily blocked and then returns to the frame, ActiveTrack can pick up where it left off with minimal delay.

Story Mode DJI Osmo Mobile SE


Story Mode

The Osmo Mobile SE has a built-in video recording option called "Story mode" that lets you easily create short films. With the use of Story mode, you can easily make professional-looking videos with a variety of different preset shooting patterns and camera motion. Your videos will stand out from the rest thanks to the use of creative effects and music. With Story Mode, your videos will be just the right length for posting on social media.

Dynamic Zoom Shot with DJI Osmo Mobile SE

Dynamic Zoom

Dynamic Zoom on the Osmo Mobile SE allows you to add dramatic effects to your videos. To achieve the amazing Dolly Zoom effect, simply select the topic and move in the direction recommended by the app.


CloneMe Pano

Be in multiple places in one frame thanks to the CloneMe Pano. The CloneMe Panorama feature on the Osmo Mobile SE automates the panorama capture while pausing after each shot to give you time to relocate yourself in the frame. The final panoramic image is automatically stitched together by the software.

Clone Panorama mode Osmo Mobile SE
Osmo Mobile SE Gesture Control

Gesture Control

Go is hands-free when taking a selfie or a group photo with Gesture Control. The Osmo Mobile SE can be operated remotely with a simple gesture. Shooting a picure or video has never been easier.


Rotate your phone while shooting video to create impressive shots.

Timelapse and Hyperlapse

Timelapse Mode

Create stunning short videos that speed up movement of elements on the screen to create visuals with the touch of a few buttons


Add motion to your Timelapse shots to cover more area and to add a cinematic effect to the end result.


Combine the power of inbuilt Electronic Image Stabilization in today's smartphones with the 3-axis stabilization of the Osmo Mobile SE to create Hyperlapse videos with ease. With ActiveTrack 5.0 in Hyperlapse mode, the Osmo Mobile SE can track the subject as you move along creating a unique video experience.

Panorama Mode

Capture images that are wider than what your phone camera allows using the Panorama Mode with 240° Pano and 3x3 Pano modes.

The 240° Pano mode can be used with Gestures or countdown timer to create panorama shots automatically.

Panorama photo shot with the DJI Osmo Mobile SE

3x3 Panorama

Create Super-Wide angle shots with the 3x3 Pano feature. The Osmo Mobile SE takes 9 separate pictures in a 3x3 grid to capture the entire scene and combines them together into one frame.

3x3 Panorama Shot with DJI Osmo Mobile SE
3x3 Panorama Shot with DJI Osmo Mobile SE