DJI Avata 2 in flight
DJI Avata 2 in flight

DJI Avata 2

All Thrills, No Frills

Experience the heart-racing DJI Avata 2, offering an immersive FPV drone adventure enhanced with upgraded imaging, safety features, and extended battery life. Elevate the excitement by combining the Avata 2 with the latest DJI Goggles 3 and DJI RC Motion 3 for an unparalleled experience

DJI Avata 2feature icons
DJI Avata 2 feature icons

DJI Goggles 3 | A Visionary Breakthrough

Introducing the groundbreaking DJI Goggles 3, featuring a visionary breakthrough: Real View PiP (Picture-In-Picture). Experience seamless observation of your surroundings without the need to remove the goggles, ensuring heightened safety and immersion. With its Micro-OLED high-definition display and ultra-low-latency transmission, the DJI Goggles 3 offer unparalleled clarity, bringing the world into view like never before.

DJI Avata 2 with Goggles and controller

DJI RC Motion 3 | Feel Every Flight

Introducing DJI RC Motion 3: Elevating your flight experience to new heights. Feel every moment of your aerial adventure as you effortlessly execute challenging maneuvers and dazzling acrobatics. With DJI RC Motion 3, even novice pilots can master spectacular flips, drifts, and other captivating moves with ease.

Creative Edge | Easy ACRO

Immerse yourself in the excitement of aerial maneuvers effortlessly with DJI RC Motion 3 and Avata 2 for capturing incredible footage.

Unlock Your Creative Edge
With Easy ACRO, effortlessly execute stunning aerial moves with just a single push. Capture breathtaking FPV footage with ease.

One-Push Flip
Add dynamic twists to your shots with a seamless 360° front/back flip, enhancing the creativity of your footage.
One-Push Roll
Transform your captures with a smooth 360° left/right roll, turning ordinary shots into extraordinary moments.
One-Push 180° Drift
Achieve cinematic flair with high-speed lateral drifts, smoothly navigating past obstacles and creating captivating visuals that stand out.
Advanced Maneuvers
Master advanced maneuvers effortlessly with the new DJI FPV Remote Controller 3 in Manual mode, showcasing nimble flying skills and daring creativity as you navigate through tight spaces with precision.

Upgraded imaging | Immersion Reimagined

Super-Wide 4K

Capture stunning visuals in super-wide 4K resolution with the 155° field of view (FOV) of Avata 2. Swiftly approach and pull away from subjects to create dynamic shots that leave viewers in awe. With its user-friendly design, even new pilots can effortlessly master aerobatic maneuvers and seize fast-moving, low-altitude shots that were previously unattainable with other drones.

Upgraded Imaging
Benefit from the enhanced performance of the upgraded 1/1.3-inch image sensor, which significantly expands the dynamic range of captured footage. This improvement allows for more effective handling of low-light conditions, ensuring that every flight results in outstanding footage that exceeds expectations.
Unlock your aerial potential with the Avata 2's 4K/60fps HDR video capability, capturing every thrilling moment of high-speed flight in stunning detail. With this feature, you can experience the full spectrum of aerial adventures in crystal-clear clarity. Moreover, adjust sharpness and noise reduction levels directly in the goggles to achieve finely tuned videos tailored to your preferences.
With DJI's cutting-edge stabilization algorithm, Avata 2 boasts RockSteady technology, ensuring smooth and steady footage regardless of high speeds or windy conditions during flight.
Introducing HorizonSteady, a feature designed to maintain stability in the captured footage by effectively managing horizontal rotations of up to 360°. This ensures that even during sharp turns or dramatic sways of the drone, the footage remains locked on the horizon, delivering consistently smooth and level imagery.
155° Ultra-Wide-Angle FOV
Elevate your visual experience and enhance immersion during low-altitude, high-speed flights with the Avata 2's impressive 155° ultra-wide-angle field of view (FOV). Choose from ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle, and normal-angle FOV options to adapt to various scenarios, providing you with greater flexibility and control over your aerial perspective.

10-Bit D-Log M
With its 10-bit D-Log M feature, Avata 2 enables you to capture rich detail in both highlights and shadows, facilitating enhanced post-production capabilities. This functionality not only allows for greater flexibility in color-grading but also streamlines the overall post-processing workflow, empowering you to create stunning visuals with ease.


The redesigned integrated propeller guard of Avata 2 not only makes it lighter but also enhances its agility, allowing it to maneuver effortlessly through narrow spaces. With the RC Motion 3, simply releasing the accelerator or pressing the lock button brings the drone to an immediate stop, providing you with the ability to calmly manage unexpected situations. Furthermore, the automatic Return to Home (RTH) function activates when the drone's battery is low or if signal connection is lost, providing an additional layer of security for worry-free flights.

Advanced Positioning
Avata 2 boasts advanced positioning capabilities with its new binocular fisheye sensors.
These sensors equip the drone with downward and backward visual positioning abilities, enhancing flight stability and safety during low-altitude and indoor flights.
DJI Avata 2 Obstacle Sensing

Turtle Mode

With Turtle mode enabled, Avata 2 offers a convenient feature that automatically flips the drone back into its takeoff position when it becomes inverted. This functionality ensures quick recovery and allows you to swiftly resume flight operations without delay.


Long Flight Time
With a maximum flight time of 23 minutes, Avata 2 extends your aerial adventures, pushing the boundaries of exploration. Thanks to PD fast charging support, you can swiftly recharge your drone and soar back into the skies in no time.
Introducing the DJI Avata 2 Two-Way Charging Hub, equipped with a power accumulation feature. This innovative function enables the transfer of residual power from multiple batteries to the one with the highest charge level, effectively providing you with an additional battery during crucial moments.
DJI Avata 2 In-flight

DJI O4 Video Transmission

Experience enhanced perception with DJI O4 video transmission, providing unparalleled stability and safety during every flight. Its cutting-edge design features two transmitters, four receivers, and four antennas, ensuring robust anti-interference performance. With a maximum video transmission distance of up to 13 km, ultra-low latency as low as 24 ms, high-definition 1080p/100fps image quality, and a maximum transmission bitrate of 60Mbps, DJI O4 delivers a seamless and immersive flying experience. Stream the live feed from Avata 2 directly to your smart device's DJI Fly App using the DJI Goggles 3. With the ability to connect up to 5 meters away, sharing the thrill of FPV has never been more convenient. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or a beginner, accessing real-time footage and learning how to fly has never been more accessible.

Capture and Edit Seamlessly

Avata 2 is furnished with 46GB of internal storage, providing ample space to store approximately 90 minutes of 1080p/60fps video, allowing you to capture the highlights of every flight. Its Wi-Fi connectivity facilitates swift file transfer to your phone, streamlining the post-editing and sharing process for your finished work, ensuring efficiency at every step.

When Avata 2 is wirelessly connected to LightCut, you can conveniently preview the captured footage directly within the app and perform edits without the need to download the footage. This streamlined process saves valuable space on your smartphone, allowing for efficient editing and storage management.

One-Tap VFX with LightCut

The LightCut app offers seamless integration with DJI Avata 2 through Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling you to intelligently incorporate Sky VFX during post-production based on the flight trajectory captured in your videos. This innovative feature simplifies the process of creating captivating aerial footage. With the convenience of editing directly within the app and the added efficiency of One-Tap Edit, you can effortlessly produce polished content without the need to download footage, making content creation a breeze.

Once your device is connected and the footage is imported, simply tap on Sky VFX within the LightCut app to access a variety of unique overlays, through-the-air text animations, virtual cockpits, and dashboard effects. These features enhance the interactive fun and engagement of your immersive flight footage, allowing you to customize and elevate your content effortlessly.
One-Tap Edit
AI's intelligent recognition of video types and themes in the LightCut app simplifies the process of filtering through and selecting highlights, featuring smooth camera work and exquisite composition. With a wide selection of thematic templates at your disposal, you can effortlessly produce polished content tailored to your preferences. Additionally, the app offers intelligent sound effects, color recovery options, one-click addition of device watermarks, end credits, and various other features, further enhancing the overall editing experience.

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