DJI Zenmuse H30 and H30T
DJI Zenmuse H30 and H30T

DJI Zenmuse H30 Series

Unparalleled Vision, Day or Night

The Zenmuse H30 Series, DJI's latest flagship offering, combines five key components into an all-weather, multi-sensor system. It features a wide-angle camera, a zoom camera, an infrared thermal camera, a laser range finder, and an NIR auxiliary light. By harnessing advanced intelligent algorithms, it redefines perception and imaging benchmarks, surpassing the constraints of traditional day and night vision technologies. This versatility makes it exceptionally well-suited for a wide range of applications, such as public safety, energy inspection, water conservation, and forestry.

Flexible Functionality, Anytime, Anywhere

This highly versatile DJI Zenmuse H30 Series for the DJI Matrice 350 drone offers exceptional performance around the clock, seamlessly transitioning from day to night operations. Its impressive zoom capabilities extend up to 34× optical and 400× digital, providing unparalleled clarity in various scenarios. Equipped with a 40MP 1/1.8-inch CMOS sensor and a 48MP 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor, it delivers stunning video resolutions of up to 3840×2160@30fps. Additionally, its advanced features include precise measurements with a range of 3-3000 meters, boasting impressive accuracy levels. With an uncooled VOx microbolometer, it enables thermal imaging with a temperature measurement range from -20° to 1600° C (-4° to 2912° F). Furthermore, its NIR auxiliary light, with a wavelength of 850 nm and a Class 1 safety rating, ensures clear visibility even in challenging environments, illuminating an approximate 8-meter diameter circle at a distance of 100 meters. This comprehensive suite of capabilities makes the Zenmuse H30 Series an indispensable tool across a wide array of applications, from surveillance and inspection to search and rescue missions.

DJI Zenmuse H30 Series Feature Icons

Zoom Camera

DJI Zenmuse H30T Zoom Camera
  • Up to 34× Optical Zoom‌ and 400× Digital Zoom
  • 40MP 1/1.8-inch CMOS Sensor
  • Video Resolution: Max 3840×2160@30fps

Wide-Angle Camera

DJI Zenmuse H30T Wide Camera
  • Equivalent Focal Length: 24mm, DFOV: 82.1°

  • 48MP 1/1.3-inch CMOS Sensor

  • Video Resolution: Max 3840×2160@30fps.

Laser Range Finder

DJI Zenmuse H30T Laser Rangefinder


  • Measurement Range: 3-3000 m
  • Measurement Accuracy: ≤ 500 m: ±(0.2 m+measurement distance×0.15%)‌> 500 m: ±1.0 m


Infrared Thermal Camera (H30T only)

DJI Zenmuse H30T Thermal Camera


  • Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
  • Photo Resolution: 1280×1024
  • Video Resolution: 1280×1024@30fps
  • Temperature Measurement Range from -20° to 1600° C (-4° to 2912° F)


NIR Auxiliary Light

DJI Zenmuse H30T NIR Aux Light


  • Wavelength: 850 nm
  • FOV: 4.6±0.6° (Round)
  • Safety Rating: Class 1
  • Illumination Range: Approx. 8m diameter circle at 100m distance


Enhanced Zoom Capability

See Further, Clearer

The Zenmuse H30 Series boasts a 40MP zoom camera with exceptional image quality, enabling users to zoom in optically up to 34× and digitally up to an impressive 400×. This advancement not only extends the range for subject observation but also enhances detail capture compared to its predecessor.

Enhanced Image Stability

Utilizing DJI's cutting-edge image stabilization algorithm, the Zenmuse H30 Series significantly reduces shake in telephoto footage, ensuring stable and crisp imagery essential for meticulous power line inspections.

Long distance Range Finder

With a measurement range exceeding 2.5 times that of its predecessor, the laser range finder in the Zenmuse H30 Series accurately captures subject position information within a vast range from 3m to 3000m. This includes precise linear distance from the camera, altitude, and GPS coordinates.

Enhanced Night Vision

Full Colour Night Vision

In low-light conditions, both the zoom and wide-angle cameras of the Zenmuse H30 Series seamlessly transition to Night Scene mode, elevating the quality of live viewing and recordings. This feature guarantees operational efficiency and precision during nighttime activities, facilitating uninterrupted performance from day to night.

B&W Night Vision with NIR Illumination

In Night Scene mode, the Zenmuse H30 Series zoom camera supports IR Light for infrared enhancement and NIR illumination. It switches the live feed to a grayscale image by removing the IR filter, thereby strengthening the contrast between light and dark areas, making it easier to locate subjects. When the NIR auxiliary light is enabled, the zoom camera can benefit from additional NIR illumination, which is especially helpful for covert night surveillance and search-and-rescue operations.

Powerful Infrared Performance

1280×1024 Infrared Resolution

The infrared thermal camera in the Zenmuse H30 Series boasts an impressive resolution of 1280×1024, quadrupling that of its predecessor, and offers up to 32× digital zoom. This combination enables comprehensive scene overviews as well as precise focusing on specific areas of interest. Moreover, at higher zoom levels, the Zenmuse H30T seamlessly activates an Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) Infrared Image function, ensuring clarity and detail in the captured infrared imagery.

Thermal Zoom with DJI H30T
Thermal Zoom with DJI Zenmuse H30T

High-Res Mode for enhanced precision

The Zenmuse H30T offers support for three distinct infrared gain modes tailored to specific needs: High Gain mode, optimizing temperature measurement precision; Low Gain mode, expanding the temperature measurement range; and the innovative High-Res mode, designed to detect subtle temperature variations in objects, individuals, or wildlife. This versatility renders it invaluable for a wide range of applications including security, emergency response, and search-and-rescue operations.


Wide Range Temperature Measurement

Featuring a temperature measurement range spanning from -20°C to 1600°C (-4°F to 2912°F), the Zenmuse H30T's infrared thermal camera is equipped with an infrared density filter, enabling precise temperature measurements up to 1600°C (2912°F), a threefold improvement over its predecessor. This capability is especially beneficial for firefighting and high-temperature operations, facilitating enhanced assessment of temperature fluctuations and swift detection of hotspots, thereby optimizing rescue efforts.

Wide temperature measurement range Zenmuse H30T

Link Zoom

The Zenmuse H30T's zoom camera and infrared thermal camera are equipped with Link Zoom functionality, enabling operators to synchronize scaling between visible light and thermal images, ensuring a consistent viewpoint. This simultaneous comparison of image details accelerates subject location, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing workload.

Smarter Multi-Scenario Operations

Enhanced Imaging with Smart Capture

In Smart Capture mode, the Zenmuse H30 Series zoom and wide-angle cameras intuitively analyze ambient light brightness and dynamic range, seamlessly applying intelligent image algorithms. This results in natural transitions between light and shadow and the preservation of rich details, even in challenging environments characterized by high dynamics, intense lighting, or low light conditions.

Advanced Dehazing Technology

In environments plagued by smog or high atmospheric humidity, the Zenmuse H30 Series zoom camera utilizes an innovative Electronic Dehazing function to improve image clarity. This feature provides adjustable dehazing levels, catering to a variety of operational environments and specific requirements.

Exceptional Environmental Resilience

Boasting an IP54 dust and water resistance rating, the Zenmuse H30 Series ensures dependable and secure operation, even amidst challenging working environments.

Designed for versatility, the Zenmuse H30 Series is engineered to function flawlessly in temperatures spanning from -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F), ensuring suitability for all-weather operational requirements.

Environment Resistance with IP 54 Rating DJI Zenmuse H30T

Enhanced Functionality and Security Measures

The Zenmuse H30 Series offers versatile functionality, including pre-recording across all cameras—zoom, wide-angle, and infrared thermal. Capable of retaining footage from 10, 15, or 30 seconds before formal recording initiation, this feature ensures comprehensive coverage, capturing crucial information that might otherwise be missed. Furthermore, the series implements robust security measures, such as media and transmission encryption with one-click log clearance, safeguarding data integrity during operations. The Security Code function enables microSD card encryption, protecting files, while AES-256 encryption technology ensures secure data transmission between the remote controller and the aircraft. Additionally, the series supports cloud information sync via DJI FlightHub 2, allowing operators to access live views and stay updated on-site dynamics. This facilitates swift remote command execution and enhances coordination between air and ground operations.

Versatile Application Scenarios

With seamless integration into DJI Enterprise flight platforms, the Zenmuse H30 Series proves indispensable across a diverse spectrum of industries. In the realm of public safety, it facilitates aerial surveillance, search and rescue operations, and disaster response efforts with unparalleled clarity and precision. For electricity infrastructure inspection, the series offers detailed visual assessments and thermal imaging capabilities, ensuring the integrity and reliability of critical power systems. In the oil and natural gas sector, it enables efficient monitoring of pipelines, refineries, and offshore facilities, enhancing safety and operational efficiency. Additionally, in the realm of water conservation, the Zenmuse H30 Series aids in the detection of leaks, monitoring of water sources, and management of irrigation systems. Lastly, in forestry, it supports forest management activities, including wildfire detection, tree health assessments, and habitat monitoring, contributing to sustainable environmental practices.

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