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DJI Dock 2 with DJI Matrice 3TD in flight
DJI Dock 2 with Matrice 3TD

DJI Dock 2

Easy Operation, Superior Results

DJI Dock 2: Compact yet powerful, facilitating seamless deployment of the DJI Matrice 3D or the DJI Matrice 3TD drones with enhanced ease and security. Lightweight and equipped with advanced operational features, including cloud-based intelligence, it ensures efficient and high-quality automated operations.

DJI Dock 2 Feature Icons

Easy Deployment, Ready to Go

Lightweight Design

With just two people needed for easy transportation, the DJI Dock 2 is 75% smaller and 68% lighter than its predecessor, allowing for flexible installation and lower installation costs.

Efficient Site Evaluation

Prior to deployment, the aircraft can use its vision sensors to swiftly assess whether there are strong GNSS signals in the vicinity. The new vision-based evaluation significantly reduces the time necessary for site selection, cutting it down from five hours to twelve minutes or less.

Rugged, Reliable, Recharged

IP55 Rated

The DJI Dock 2 was created with safety in mind. Dock 2 can function continuously for extended periods of time even in challenging situations and climates thanks to its IP55 dust and water resistance rating.

improved landing stability

The aircraft uses next-generation image recognition technology to properly identify placement markers on the landing pad. Furthermore, the landing pad's unique slide-ramp centering design allows for more precise landings.

environment monitoring

In order to detect changes in the weather in real time, DJI Dock 2 incorporates a number of sensors, such as temperature, wind speed, and rainfall gauges. To efficiently lower flight risk, it may issue timely warnings or end flight tasks utilizing DJI FlightHub 2 in conjunction with online weather predictions.

DJI Dock 2 has an in-built backup battery
Built-In Backup Battery

During an unforeseen power outage, the DJI Dock 2 has the capacity to operate autonomously for more than five hours using its integrated backup battery. This ensures ample time for the aircraft to return and safely land.

Six-Month Maintenance Interval

Due to its exceptional protection and reliability features, the DJI Dock 2 necessitates maintenance only about every six months, effectively managing human resource expenses.

In the event of task failures or emergencies involving the DJI Dock 2 and its associated aircraft, DJI FlightHub 2 promptly sends email notifications. This enables operators to promptly trace and troubleshoot issues using the provided information, ensuring swift resolution and effective management of the situation.

DJI RC Pro Enterprise

High-Performance Aircraft Models

The DJI Dock 2 and the new DJI Matrice 3D/3TD are designed to work together flawlessly. The Matrice 3D model has two cameras: a wide-angle and a telephoto, both with mechanical shutters. With a size of 1:500, this arrangement is ideal for high-precision mapping jobs. However, the Matrice 3TD model has three cameras: an infrared, a telephoto, and a wide-angle lens. This combination is perfect for security and inspection activities since it can display both visible light and thermal pictures.


DJI Matrice 3D Camera


Wide-Angle Camera
4/3 CMOS
24mm Format Equivalent
20MP Effective Pixels
Mechanical Shutter

Tele Camera
1/2-inch CMOS
‌162mm Format Equivalent
12MP Effective Pixels

DJI Matrice 3TD Camera

DJI Matrice 3TD

Wide-Angle Camera
1/1.32-inch CMOS
24mm Format Equivalent
48MP Effective Pixels

Tele Camera
1/2-inch CMOS
‌162mm Format Equivalent
12MP Effective Pixels

Infrared Camera
Normal Mode: 640×512@30fps
UHR Infrared Image Mode: 1280×1024@30fps
28x Digital Zoom

Superior, Comprehensive Performance

With its robust operational capabilities, the DJI Matrice 3D/3TD fulfills the demands of high-standard operations. Equipped with dustproof and waterproof features rated at IP54, it ensures durability and reliability even in challenging environmental conditions. The maximum flight time of ensures extended periods of aerial operation, while the integrated 6-directional obstacle sensing system enhances flight safety and maneuverability. With a maximum effective operating radius of 10 km, the Matrice 3D/3TD offers extensive coverage for various applications. Moreover, its integrated RTK module provides ±3cm positioning accuracy, ensuring precise and accurate navigation. With a battery cycle life of 400, the Matrice 3D/3TD guarantees long-term performance and reliability, making it a versatile and dependable choice for professional operations.

Steady Operation, Uncompromised Efficiency

Quick takeoff

The DJI Dock 2 incorporates dual RTK antennas, enabling the aircraft to acquire precise Return to Home (RTH) location data instantly, eliminating the need to wait for RTK data convergence. Additionally, it conducts thorough propeller inspections and achieves takeoff in as little as 45 seconds, swiftly transitioning into operational readiness.

Quick charging

DJI Dock 2 efficiently charges the aircraft from 20% to 90% in a mere 32 minutes, ensuring rapid replenishment of power for seamless consecutive operations.

Dual camera monitoring

The DJI Dock 2 is equipped with both an internal and an external fisheye camera, enabling real-time display capabilities. This dual-camera setup facilitates close monitoring from within and outside the dock, enabling operators to remotely observe weather conditions, environmental circumstances, as well as the aircraft's takeoff and landing procedures.

Cloud Mapping

Following the completion of the aircraft's flight task, DJI FlightHub 2 generates high-precision 3D models using the collected flight data, accurately reconstructing the operational environment. These models are fully customizable, allowing users to annotate, measure, and download them as needed.

Cloud Mapping using DJI FlightHub 2

Flight Route Editor for DJI Dock 2
Flight Route Editor

Operators can utilize high-precision 3D models to conduct visual flight route editing from a first-person perspective, enabling them to preview simulated imaging results. This streamlined process enhances operational efficiency and facilitates intuitive flight route planning, ultimately improving accuracy in execution.

AI Spot-check

By framing a specific area within the 3D model, the aircraft will autonomously compare subsequent captures to the framed region during automated operations. This dynamic adjustment ensures precise alignment of the camera's angle, guaranteeing consistent and accurate capture of the designated area across multiple flights.

AI- Spot Check DJI Matrice 3D

DJI FlightHub 2 mission planning
Flyto tasks

DJI FlightHub 2's FlyTo tasks leverage high-precision 3D models to automatically devise the most efficient flight route. When faced with an urgent task, the operator simply needs to click on the subject, prompting the aircraft to navigate to the destination via a pre-determined, efficient, and secure route.

Live Flight Controls

Utilizing either DJI FlightHub 2 or a third-party cloud platform, operators retain control over the flight and gimbal angle of DJI Dock 2, even when deployed in remote regions. This control is facilitated through the use of a keyboard and mouse interface, ensuring seamless management of operations from afar.

DJI FlightHub 2 live flight controls


The aircraft uses both automatic obstacle bypass functionalities and sophisticated omnidirectional obstacle detecting capabilities during autonomous flight operations to greatly increase the success rate of its flight duties.


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DJI Dock 2 - Matrice 3TD

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