DJI Matrice 200

Engineered to Adapt. Built To Endure.

DJI Matrice 200

The newly released Matrice 200 is a drone specifically designed for professional performance in the commercial sector and is created for professionals using drones for more precise, efficient and safe aerial data collection. From industries including Media, Public Safety, Construction, Agriculture and more, operators across a variety of fields can benefit from the Matrice 200’s ability to collect precise aerial data from the skies that can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and keep workers safe.

The Matrice 200 series comes in three different versions including the Matrice 200, the Matrice 210, and the Matrice 210 RTK. The Matrice 200 can be equipped with one downward facing camera while the Matrice 210 can be configured with three different payloads including either one downward facing camera, two downward facing camera’s, or one upward and one downward facing camera to fit the exact needs of the task at hand. With the wide variety of Zenmuse cameras that are compatible including the Zenmuse X4S, X5S, XT, and Z30, users can customize their drone to fit the job at hand whether it be a bridge inspection or agricultural survey. 

The Matrice 200 features an innovative, durable, and compact foldable design.  The arms of the Matrice 200 can fold inward, making the Matrice 200 extremely portable and easy to store. The drone also features brand new IP43 classification protection from rain and dust making it the ideal choice for use in extreme environments and weather conditions.

With dual batteries, the Matrice 200’s flight time is extended up to 35 minutes and can even continue to fly if a battery fails in the air. Additionally, DJI designed the batteries to be self-heating for better performance in colder conditions. Finally, with DJI’s innovative Lightbridge technology, the Matrice 200 features an extended range of up to 7 km so operators have plenty of freedom to fly and get the job done.