Take precise thermal imaging using the Zenmuse XT S. The high thermal sensitivity and resolution helps consumers in sectors such as firefighting, search and rescue, and facilities maintenance to see beyond what their eyes can and easily make crucial decisions based on objective observations.

Professional Solution for Thermal Imaging

Featuring an IP44 rated dust and water resistant design, the Zenmuse XT S is capable of shooting high resolution thermal imagery at 640 x 512 resolution in JPEG as well as R-JPEG formats. With a high thermal sensitivity of ≤40 mK (NETD) and high refresh rate of 25 Hz the Zenmuse XT S is a perfect fit for professional thermal imaging. The Radiometric thermal imaging core features a pixel pitch of 17 μm which contributes to the accuracy and the high thermal sensitivity that the Zenmuse XT S offers.

Precise Temperature Measurement

Temp Alarm
Receive instant updates in DJI Pilot when the
temperature of the target reaches your preset warning values.

Digital Zoom

Collect images from a reasonable distance using 2x
and 4x optical zoom when retaining a spatial summary.

Color Palettes
Switch the colours used for thermal data
depending on the requirements of different scenarios.


Observe a particular temperature band to determine what's important. Select from different modes, including Search People, Search Fire or Custom, to quickly and accurately identify the target subject.


The photos collected by the XT S are in an R-JPEG format with built-in temperature detail. By importing these images to the DJI Thermal Analysis Tool, you can calculate the temperature and change parameters such as Emissivity and Reflected Temp.

Gain Modes

Change gain modes to adjust the temperature distribution captured: High Gain Mode includes a smaller temperature range but is more responsive to temperature differences Low Gain Mode covers a broader temperature range.

Spot Meter

Tap any point on the screen to get the surface temperature readings in real
time, thus helping the operator closely monitor the subject.

Area Measurement

Select an region on the screen that indicates the minimum, maximum and average temperatures in real time



DJI Pilot is a comprehensive flight control software built especially for enterprise users to harness the strength of their DJI drones. Developing specifically for the XT S helps you to experience an automated flight and aerial imaging operation.

DJI Thermal Analysis Tool

Operators can use the DJI Thermal Analysis Tool to process and investigate thermal images shot using the Zenmuse XT2. Across many industrial applications, the software can be used to determine temperature variations to identify problem areas long before failure happens. The software can also be used to spot aberrations in routine inspections.


With thermal sensors operators across a wide variety of sectors will be able to view data unseen to the naked eye, whether it's making subtle temperature differences visible, detecting defects or damage to equipment, or finding the location of victims during search and rescue operations.

Firefighting and Public Safety

The thermal imaging camera can detect heat spots and back drafts, ensuring that the conditions aren’t too dangerous for firefighters to go in. Thermal imaging drones are essential in ensuring the safety of firefighters, and the Zenmuse XT S is a great fit for the job.

Powerline Inspections

Features such as Temperature Measurement help pinpoint problem areas along the powerline, enabling timely responses. With the help of this thermal drone, inspectors can expedite routine maintenance tasks and save time and money.

Search And Rescue

In conditions with low visibility the high resolution thermal imaging provided by the Zenmuse XT S helps conduct rescue missions in time even in conditions like heavy fog or at night.

Solar Panel Inspections

The Zenmuse XT S can be used to detect issues with the panels like solar cell degradation or failure, using accurate geolocation to help you figure out precisely where the issue is that you need to address. Any factors that reduce the efficiency of your solar panels will waste money and energy, so drones are vital to optimize the output of a solar panel system.