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Transport Canada Drone Safety Regulations

Canada's new drone regulations came into effect June 1, 2019. The new drone safety regulations apply to all drone pilots flying drones that weigh between 250 g and 25 kg and that are operated within visual line-of-sight. With the new regulations two new categories have been introduced for drone operation: Basic and Advanced. The two new categories are dependent on your distance from bystanders and airspace rules. Both the Basic and Advanced categories have their own set of clear, easy-to-follow rules that will require pilots to register and mark their drone with a registration number, pass an online exam, and acquire a drone pilot certificate.

Drone operators seeking to fly in advanced operations (over or near people or in controlled airspace) must additionally pass an in-person flight review and have a Transport Canada compliant drone. Pilots flying drones under 250 g do not have to register their drone or even pass an exam, but they are required to fly safely and not endanger people on the ground or other aircraft. Pilots with drones that are over 25 kg are required to apply to Transport Canada for a Special Flight Operations Certificate.

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