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Kit Contents:

  • 1 ANAFI USA drone
  • 3 smart batteries (3x32 minutes)
  • 1 Skycontroller 4
  • 1 multi-port fast USB charger
  • 1 additional set of propeller blades
  • 4 USB-A/USB-C cables
  • 1 USB-C/USB-C cable
  • 1 hard case

Introducing the Parrot ANAFI USA: Your Ultimate Professional Drone Solution

The Parrot ANAFI USA is a state-of-the-art professional drone designed to meet the demanding needs of various industries and applications. With its advanced features, rugged construction, and exceptional performance, this drone sets a new standard for aerial imaging and data collection.

Unmatched Portability and Durability

Featuring a compact and foldable design, the ANAFI USA is highly portable, allowing you to take it anywhere your work requires. Its lightweight yet robust construction ensures durability without compromising performance. Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, this drone is IP53-rated for dust and rain resistance, making it suitable for challenging outdoor missions.

Superior Imaging Capabilities

Equipped with a high-quality 4K HDR camera and a 21-megapixel Sony sensor, the ANAFI USA captures stunning aerial imagery with remarkable detail and clarity. The camera offers a 180-degree tilt range, enabling you to capture shots from unique angles. Whether you're capturing photos or recording videos, the ANAFI USA delivers professional-grade results that meet the expectations of even the most demanding projects.

Extended Flight Time and Range

With a flight time of up to 32 minutes, the ANAFI USA allows you to cover large areas and complete complex tasks without interruptions. Its powerful propulsion system and efficient battery management ensure optimal performance throughout each flight. Additionally, the drone boasts an impressive transmission range of up to 4.3 miles (7 kilometers), providing you with an extensive operational range for various applications.

Advanced Imaging Modes and Functions

The ANAFI USA offers a wide range of imaging modes and intelligent functions to enhance your aerial photography and data collection. With the 1x to 32x continuous zoom capability, you can capture fine details even from a distance, opening up new possibilities for inspections, surveillance, and more. The thermal imaging capabilities, powered by the FLIR Boson micro-bolometer, enable you to detect heat signatures and analyze thermal patterns, making it an invaluable tool for industries such as firefighting, search and rescue, and infrastructure inspections.

Secure and Reliable Operations

Parrot prioritizes security, ensuring that your data and drone operations remain protected at all times. The ANAFI USA features robust security measures, including data encryption, secure network connections, and protection against unauthorized software modifications. Rest assured that your sensitive information and the integrity of your drone system are safeguarded throughout your missions.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Controls

Controlling the ANAFI USA is effortless and intuitive, thanks to the Parrot Skycontroller USA. This dedicated controller provides a comfortable grip and an intuitive interface, giving you precise control over your drone's movements. The controller is equipped with a built-in 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A, offering a high-resolution display for real-time video streaming and easy access to flight settings and functions.

Comprehensive Software Ecosystem

The ANAFI USA is supported by the powerful FreeFlight 6 USA mobile app, which provides a seamless and user-friendly interface for flight planning, mission execution, and data analysis. This comprehensive software ecosystem enables you to optimize your workflows, capture accurate data, and make informed decisions based on the collected information. With the ability to create and customize flight plans, perform automated flights, and access advanced imaging features, the FreeFlight 6 USA app is an indispensable tool for professional users.

Endless Possibilities with ANAFI USA

The Parrot ANAFI USA opens up a world of possibilities for professionals in industries such as surveying, inspection, public safety, and filmmaking. Whether you're conducting aerial surveys, inspecting infrastructure, providing situational awareness, or capturing stunning cinematic shots, this drone empowers you to achieve exceptional results with efficiency and precision.

Experience the future of aerial imaging and data collection with the Parrot ANAFI USA. Elevate your professional workflow, capture breathtaking visuals, and unlock new opportunities for success. Embrace the power of Parrot technology and take your operations to new heights.