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Experience immersive and effortless motion-based flight control with the DJI RC Motion 2. This intuitive and powerful controller makes it easy for beginners to enjoy flying with motion sensing technology. With just a slight turn of your wrist, you can control the flight direction, while the joystick allows you to navigate and maneuver with ease. Pair it with the DJI Avata and DJI Goggles for an even more immersive experience as the aircraft responds to your hand movements.

The DJI RC Motion 2 is also designed for extended use, with optimized functions for single-handed use. Takeoff, land, accelerate, turn, reverse, strafe right or left, and more with just a button press. The upgraded joystick allows for even smoother altitude and direction control, making it easier to perform complex flight maneuvers such as darting left and right. And with the accelerator's reverse function, you can fly backward in tight situations, avoiding the need for a tight U-turn.

Adjusting camera parameters is also a breeze with the FN dial, allowing you to quickly make changes without having to take your hands off the controller. Always remember to fly safely and follow local laws and regulations. With the DJI RC Motion 2, flying has never been more fun and accessible.