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In The Box

  • ND8 Filter × 1
  • ND16 Filter × 1
  • ND32 Filter × 1
  • ND64 Filter × 1

The ND Filters Set fulfills the requirements of photographers when taking long-exposure photos or in strong lighting conditions (e.g., timelapse photography).

The filters provide experienced users with precise control over shutter speed, enabling them to create smooth footage in light environments using slower shutter speeds. This set's adaptability allows for the capture of clear footage even when the shutter is opened to 180 degrees at a low ISO.

To prevent the wide-angle and medium telephoto cameras from being properly exposed while the telephoto camera is underexposed, the filters for the tri-camera imaging system employ a lower light reduction for the telephoto camera.

* Shutter opening angle is a common way to describe shutter speed in relation to frame rate. Time of Exposure = Angle of Shutter Opening / (Frame Rate 360°). For instance, if the camera is recording at 24 fps with the shutter open at 180 degrees, the exposure time is 1/28 second.