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The czi GL60 Plus Gimbal Searchlight features four sets of optical imaging components, each comprising four lenses. These lenses work together to produce a focused beam of light with a narrow 15-degree angle, ensuring consistent brightness and color. With a 120W power rating, it achieves an illumination value of 24lux at the center of a 100m spot. At a height of 150m, the effective illuminated area spans 1225 square meters, significantly enhancing the aerial illumination for nighttime drone operations.

Weighing only 750 grams, the GL60 Plus is a lightweight solution. Its compatibility with the DJISkyPortV2.0 interface makes it suitable for use with M300/350RTK and other drone series. This versatility meets the requirements of various applications, including law enforcement, firefighting, search and rescue, power grid line inspections, and other nighttime operations conducted by enterprises.