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  • Comprehensive course with all the knowledge you need to prepare for the Advanced Transport Canada exam
  • 3 Day in person classroom course with attentive direction from a certified instructor 

The RPAS/ Ground School Prep Course and Study Guide - In Person is a comprehensive course will help you gain the knowledge you need to prepare for the Advanced Transport Canada exam. This is a 3 day intensive Drone/RPAS pilot ground school course with access to our online learning portal. 

This course will cover all topics found in the Transport Canada "Recommended Knowledge Requirements for less than 25 kg. Visual Line of Sight Guide TP 15263:

Air Law

  1. RPAS General Definitions

  2. Administration and Compliance

  3. Aerodromes and Airports

  4. Airspace Structure Classification and Use

  5. Canadian Airspace Viewer

  6. Operating and Flight Rules

  7. Flight Planning

  8. Operation at or in vicinity of an Aerodrome

  9. RPAS Visual Flight Rules (VFR)

  10. Transportation Safety Board

  11. Air Traffic Services and Procedures

  12. RPAS Maintenance Requirements

  13. Operational and Emergency Equipment Requirements


  1. Definitions

  2. Aeronautical Charts

  3. Map Legends

  4. Time and Longitude

  5. Triangle of Velocity

  6. NOTAM

  7. Canada Flight Supplement

  8. Radio and Radar Aids



  1. Earth’s Atmosphere

  2. Atmospheric Pressure

  3. Meteorological Aspects of Altimetry

  4. Temperature

  5. Moisture

  6. Stability and Instability

  7. Cloud Types

  8. Turbulence

  9. Wind

  10. Air masses

  11. Fronts and Frontal Weather

  12. Thunderstorms

  13. Surface Based Layers

  14. Aviation Service Guide

  15. Meteorological Services

  16. Aviation Weather Reports

  17. Aviation Forecast


  1. Theory of Flight

  2. Airframes, Engines, and Systems

  3. Flight Instruments

  4. Flight Operations

  5. Human Factors