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You can now easily record audio that matches the quality of your videos with DJI Mic. It's ideal for creators looking to gain a competitive advantage and take their content to the next level. It provides exceptional sound quality and dual-channel recording over distances of up to 250 metres. Turn on, connect, and record crystal-clear audio while you're on the go.

In The Box:

  • DJI Mic Receiver x1
  • DJI Mic Transmitter x2
  • DJI Mic Charging Case x1
  • DJI Mic Camera Audio Cable(3.5mm TRS) x1
  • DJI Mic Mobile Phone Adapter(Type-C) x1
  • DJI Mic Mobile Phone Adapter(Lightning) x1
  • DJI Mic Windscreen x2
  • DJI Mic Clip Magnet x2
  • DJI Mic Carrying Pouch x1
  • DJI Mic Hot Shoe Adapter x1
  • Charging Cable x1
  • Instruction Manual x1


Dual Channel Recording

DJI Mic includes two transmitters, each with an in-built microphone. Because both transmitters support omnidirectional audio, they are ideal for multi-person interviews and small studio operations.

High Quality Audio

DJI Mic allows you to record high-fidelity, professional audio by accurately reproducing tone across a wider frequency range. Recordings can be made separately via each channel, or the two channels can be combined for flexibility in post-production.

Built-In Touchscreen and Onboard Memory

The receiver's touchscreen display makes channel selection, input/output settings, and other important functions simple to access. To avoid audio frame drop, loss, and other issues, both transmitters have 14 hours of built-in storage.

Long Range Transmission

The DJI Mic features an encrypted transmission system capable of up to 250m of transmission distance. The system uses the 2.4GHz frequency that allows stable connectivity with complete freedom. Since the system is fully digital and encrypted, the DJI Mic maintains a stable connection even in high interference areas.

Wide Compatibility

Different devices require different input adapters, and DJI Mic supports all of them. The USB-C, Lightning, and 3.5mm TRS ports on the receiver make it compatible with most smartphones, cameras, and laptops.