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The DJI Focus Handwheel 2 is specifically made for the DJI Osmo Pro/RAW and gives users more precise control over their focus, aperture, and zoom (when used with an appropriate camera lens). The DJI Focus Handwheel that is optimized to give users more precise control.


The Focus Handwheel 2 Remote Controller Stand is required when used with the DJI Inspire 2 remote controller. 

If using the DJI Focus Handwheel 2 with the DJI Osmo Pro/RAW, the Osmo Pro/RAW - Handwheel 2 Communication cable is needed.

The DJI Focus Handwheel 2 is not compatible with the Inspire 2 RC CAN Bus Cable. 

In the Box

  • DJI Focus Handwheel 2 ×1


Model: FH02 

Weight: 340 g 

Dimensions: 86 (diameter) × 68 (height) mm 

Operating Temperature: -4°to 131° F (-20°C to 55° C) 

Operating Voltage: 5V-12 V 

Operating Current: 0.03A-0.072 A 

Power: 0.36 W


  • DJI Inspire 2